Create Professional Logos in Illustrator

Hello there and welcome back to another post.

Today we’ll talk about Adobe Illustrator, one of the greatest softwares​ to work with vectors, however, Illustrator is a bit complicated and you will need to take some time to learning through it.

We do have a lot of courses on YouTube, EDX, Udemy and others sites, this last one is about we will talk about, Udemy.

I like to learn while I work, as a self taught I don’t like to learn what every tool can do, we can deduce it, obviously I’m not a graphic designer and I only need to do small changes and/or fixes on some files.

So I found a course straight to the point as I like, it’s Professional Logo in Illustrator on Udemy, link here.

This course basic teaches you how to create 30 professional logos in Illustrator, take a look on it, you’ll not regret.

Thank you and feel free to comment below, share your ideas, experiences, have a great day.


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