The first one

Hi there! Welcome, and thank you for taking your time to learn a little bit about myself.

My name is Melky Salem. I’m a Web Developer focused on Java, NodeJS and PHP.

My very first interaction with a computer was enough to make me fall in love with the science, behind and beyond it. I remember clearly; I was seven years old living at the farm just two miles off our small country town located in the middle of the deep countryside of Brazil (Goias). I used to ride my bike to town every afternoon to go to middle school, and coincidentally, my dad used to instruct computer classes every day at that same institution.

Whenever I got released or even had a small break from my classes, I used to go straight into my dad’s classroom and watch him share his knowledge. Even though I wasn’t able to participate myself with some hands-on training, and also considering I didn’t have a computer at home, I was still able to learn everything he taught about Windows and Microsoft Softwares .

It wasn’t until the year of 2001, the age of twelve, that my parents were able to provide me with my own very first PC. And although internet used to be quite expensive, it was just a matter of days until I figured out and managed by myself how to get dialed up service. Dad wasn’t very satisfied with the surprise at the end of the month though! But now thanks to my old man and my mom, today I have got all this wicked awesome knowledge! 

My first experience with programming was when my dad, knowing what I liked, bought me a magazine with a tutorial of how to install and program with PHP. However, I think I was just too young back then in order to create something worth it. But I was never to quit my curiosity throughout the Web World; Soon I was able to learn English as a second language, then Delphi and C++ among other breathtaking experiences.

It wasn’t until 2006 that as an additional bonus while accessing Microsoft’s MSN (an old popular messenger) I met my ‘now dear wife’. Here comes the funny thing though; we both lived in that same small town, and we didn’t even know but we are distant cousins.

As time rolled forward, in 2011 I moved to the big city in order to enroll and successfully complete my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. Through that experience, I was able to do some good networking and through a former professor who was always admired with my extensive skills, I was able to interview with IBM. Shortly after my first interview I was signing the paperwork and had an immediate start date. Now I am thrilled to say I am a respected member at IBM, on “EnVision Team”.

Thanks’ again for letting me share this short story with you, and please feel free to comment below, share your ideas, experiences and questions. Have a great day!


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