Melkysalem Fernandes Batista da Silva


Languages: Java, XML, SQL, JQuery(Javascript), HTML, CSS, NodeJS, PHP
Java: JSP, JDBC, Spring, JPA Hibernate, Hibernate Framework and the Eclipse Platform
PHP: WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, Symfony
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MongoDB
Web Server: Tomcat, NodeJS and Jboss.


 IBM Contractor(Stefanini Consulting) – Goiânia, GO, Brazil
Department of Information Technology
Full Time Backend Developer – 04/2016 to present
Working on a Linux Environment using Java/WebSphere and DB2 Database to create backend application to communicate and bridge two ticketing systems for tomcat server.

 HG Trade in Parts – Goiânia, GO, Brazil
Department of Information Technology
Full Time Software/Web Developer and Network Administrator – 02/2010 to 04/2016
Working in IT Department for Computer Management installing Windows and Linux Systems, work both operating systems, Software Development in java with javaFX for interface using MySQL with Hibernate as connector, Web Development in HTML, Javascript/JQuery and NodeJS with MongoDB as Database.

 Logic & Creative Group – Goiânia, GO, Brazil
Department of Software Development
Part Time Software/Web Developer – 03/2014 to present
Work in Software Development Department as Software Developer for Android and Java for Mobile with SQLite Database, Java with JavaFX with MySQL/PostgreSQL Database and with Web Applications with NodeJS and MongoDB as Database.

Tron Informatic – Goiânia, GO, Brazil
Department of Software Development
Part Time Software Developer – 09/2012 to 03/2013
Work in Software Development Department as Software Developer for Accountant Office in Embarcadero Delphi using Firebird as Database.


English: Studied English for 2 years – Advanced.
Portuguese – native. 


Anhanguera Educational – Goiânia, GO, Brazil
System Analisys and Development Associate Degree
Personal and Professional Development, Web Systems Tools, Computer Organization, Probability and Statistics, Operating Systems, Structured Systems Analysis, Algorithms Construction, Structured Programming I, Social Responsibility and Environment, General Systems Theory, Law and Legislation, Fundamentals Of Object Oriented Analysis, Computer Mathematics, Structured Programming II, Data Binding Systems, Data Structure, Commercial Programming Language, Object Oriented Programming, Database Programming, Information Systems, Secure Software Development, Engineering Of Software and Project Management, Language for Organization and Transfer of Data for WEB, Programming in Mobile Devices, Computer Networks.

IUESO University – Goiânia, GO, Brazil
Computer Science Bachelor – 7 semesters concluded.
Language Object Oriented Programming, Theoretical Aspects of Computing, Databases, Digital Circuits, Compilers and Computability, Computer Graphics, Development of Distributed Systems, Web Development, Software Engineering, Data Structures, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Language Database, Formal Languages and Automatons, Programming Logic and Algorithms, Paradigms of Languages, Image Processing, Software Quality, Computer Networks, Intelligent Information Systems, Distributed Systems, Operating Systems,

Other Courses

PHP Web Programming
MVC Model, Lumen (Laravel), Sections and ORM(Eloquent).

PHP Basics
Web: URLs and requisitions, What is PHP?, Getting Started in PHP, Values and operators, Arrays (arrangements), Control Structures: Condition, Control structures: Iterations, PHP Forms, A simple application, Extracting an application, Object-oriented programming, Permanence of data, Common PHP Functions, WordPress.

Python Basics teaches the basic of Python through theoretical and practical classes. Syntax, String and Console Output, Date and Time, Conditional and Flow Control, Functions, List and Dictionaries, Loops, Data Structures, Bitwise Operators, Classes, File Input Output.

CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence
BerkeleyX on
Depth First Search, Breadth First Search, Uniform Cost Search, Greedy Search, A* Search, Heuristics and Optimality, Backtracking Search, Forward Checking, Arc Consistency, Exploiting Graph Structures, Minimax, Expectimax, Co            mbinations, Decision Theory, Preferences, Rationality and Utilities, Maximum Expected Utilites, Markov Decision Processes, Policies, Rewards and Values, Value Iteration, Policy Iteration, Reinforcement Learning, TD/Q Learning, Exploration, Approximation.

Web Front-End Javascript
Micro Solutions LTDA
Introdutions, Tools, Contants and Variables, Events, Layers, Mathematicians or Arithmetic Operators, Assignment Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical Operators, Bitwise Operators, Special Operators, Function, IF Conditional Structure, Switch Structure, Try, Catch, Finally and Throw, Objects, Callback Functions, HTML Events, DOM and BOM HTML, Cookies, JSON, Object Oriented Programming.

Web Front-End Jquery
Micro Solutions LTDA
Syntax, Operators, Conditional Code, Loops, Reserved Wors, Arrays, Objects, Functions, Closures, Scope, Selecting Elements, Working with Selections, CSS, Styling and Dimensions, Attributes, Elements Management, Unit Methods, Data Method, Browser Detect and Features, Events, Efects, Ajax, Plugins, Best Practices for Performance,.

Web Back-end Java
Micro Solutions LTDA
Database and JDBC, Java EE, Servlets, JavaServer Pages, Taglibs, Tagfiles, MVC, Filters, Spring MVC, Bean Validation, , Spring OIC, JPA with Hibernate, Application Deploy, Cookies and Sections, Injection, Spring Container, War Deploy, AJAX, Spring and JPA, VRaptor 3,


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